Apartments in the Ananda Community

The Ananda Community in Mountain View is a 72-unit, six-building garden-style spiritual community with a variety of dwelling sizes available, from studios to two-bedroom townhouses.

The central courtyard provides a large area for a wide variety of uses by the residents. Several shrines in the courtyard are for meditation and reflection, and a community temple is open for meditation 24/7/365 with regular group meditations.

Townhouses and downstairs apartments have small private yards that are perfect for gardening, quiet reading, or to socialize.

All upstairs apartments have covered decks that add 180 square feet of extra living and storage space. Weather is mild year-round, with summer daytime temperatures in the 70s to 90s, and winters in the 50s and 60s.

The swimming pool is solar heated and ideal for use from April to October.


The central courtyard offers a quiet place for meditation, a playground for parents and children, and on special occasions, a venue for weddings and spiritual celebrations.

A downstairs one-bedroom apartment has its own patio-garden.

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