A Yogananda Community in Silicon Valley

A Yogananda Community in Silicon Valley









THE WORLD is in a heck of a state. We all know the details – the fragile global economy, the widespread sense of meaninglessness, the wars, fanaticism, and bigotry.

The present global mood is one of great confusion. And yet, surely we could solve our problems, individually and as a society, if we would live more rationally – more scientifically.

We’ve solved our material problems, for the most part. And yet our human problems persist.

What if we could find a more reasonable way to live? One that includes human values – not merely an array of jerry-rigged patches in the form of political systems.

In 1920, a young yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda, traveled to America, commissioned by his guru, Sri Yukteswar, with a mission to show people how to do precisely that.

He brought an ancient teaching, which he expressed in terms that modern minds could understand and relate to. Starting with the most basic question – “What do people want?” – he showed how every facet of life can be understood scientifically, leading to maximum success and happiness.

As an important part of his mission, Yogananda advocated that people live together in small “World Brotherhood Communities,” to demonstrate that a cooperative lifestyle, in harmony with high principles, leads to the greatest fulfillment.

The Ananda Community in Mountain View, California is one of nine thriving communities in America, Europe, and India. The Ananda communities are a highly successful experiment in “simple living and high thinking” in accordance with the scientific spiritual principles that Yogananda brought to the West.

We hope you’ll explore our community through this website, and that you’ll be inspired. Perhaps you’d like to visit someday. We don’t expect that everyone will be attracted to live in a community such as ours. But many have found ideas and inspiration here for their own search for a better, more deeply fulfilling way of life.

We’re happy to respond to your questions – you can call, email, or use the contact page.


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